2017 FundSource Awards

FundSource congratulates 2017 award winners

FundSource congratulates the winners of its 2017 FundSource Awards, which were held on the 30 August 2017.

The event, hosted by NZME Editorial Director - Business Fran O’Sullivan, drew a strong turnout of fund managers from New Zealand and Australia.

Head of FundSource Glen van Echten commented: “The FundSource Awards once again highlight the strong calibre of New Zealand fund managers, and the strength of our local industry.”

“We were delighted to see New Zealand based fund managers take home the majority of the awards, even though overseas funds were eligible to apply for the first time.”

Funds must pass rigorous qualitative and quantitative screening as part of the selection process, before being analysed on a performance based approach. Overseas funds needed to demonstrate a strong commitment to the local market.

Chief FundSource Awards Judge and Research IP Director and Founder Darren Howlin commented: “Congratulations to all the sector shortlisted funds, finalists, and the 2017 FundSource Award winners. The competition was very tight this year, with several new funds coming through, and the inclusion of Australian fund managers for the first time.”

“The FundSource Awards demonstrate that New Zealand’s funds management industry is healthy and robust, and looking better than ever to meet the needs of investors.”

FundSource presented 14 awards. This was made up of 10 sector awards, and four main awards, which include the Longevity Award, KiwiSaver Manager of the Year, Boutique Manager of the Year and Fund Manager of the Year.

For the second year running the Longevity Award and KiwiSaver Manager of the Year were awarded to Milford Asset Management. Boutique Manager of the Year went to Forsyth Barr, and BT Funds Management won the 2017 Fund Manager of the Year award.

A full list of the 2017 award winners and finalists is below:

2017 Fund Manager of the Year

Winner: BT Funds management

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management

Finalist: Smartshares

2017 KiwiSaver Manager of the Year

Winner: Milford Asset Management

Finalist: ASB

Finalist: Mercer

2017 Boutique Manager of the Year

Winner: Forsyth Barr Investment Management

Finalist: QuayStreet Asset Management


2017 FundSource Awards – Longevity Award

Winner: Milford Asset Management - Diversified Income Fund

Finalist: Mint Asset Management – Mint Australia NZ Active Equity Trust (Retail)

Finalist: Smartshares - NZ Mid Cap (MDZ)


2017 FundSource awards – Diversified Sector

Winner: AMP Financial Services - eInvest Funds

Finalist: AMP Capital - Responsible Investment Leadres Funds

Finalist: ASB - ASB Investment Funds

2017 FundSource Awards – International Equity Sector

Winner: Fiducian Funds management - Technology Fund

Finalist: Fiducian Funds management - India Fund

Finalist: Premium China Funds ManagementPremium Asia Fund

2017 FundSource Awards – Australasian Equity Sector

Winner: Harbour Asset Management - Australasian Equity Focus Fund - Retail 

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management - Australasian Equity Fund - Retail 

Finalist: Milford Asset Management - Trans-Tasman Fund

2017 FundSource Awards – Australia Equity Sector

Winner: Macquarie Investment Management - High Conviction Fund

Finalist: Allan Gray - Australia Equity Fund 

Finalist: Smartshares - Aus Mid Cap (MZY)


2017 FundSource Awards – New Zealand Equity Sector

Winner: Smartshares - NZ Mid Cap (MDZ)

Finalist: Forsyth Barr Investment Management - New Zealand Equities Fund 

Finalist: QuayStreet Asset Management - New Zealand Equity Fund 

2017 FundSource Awards – International Fixed Interest Sector

Winner: Bentham Asset Management – Bentham Wholesale Global Income NZD Fund 

Finalist: AMP Financial Services - AMP Capital Diversified 1 Fund

Finalist: BT Funds Management - Westpac Active Income Strategies Trust


2017 FundSource Awards– New Zealand Fixed Interest Sector

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management - Fixed Interest Fund

Finalist: BT Funds Management - Westpac Premium Investment Corporate Bond Fund 

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management – NZ Short Duration Fund 

2017 FundSource Awards – Alternatives Sector

Winner: AMP Capital - Global Multi Asset Fund 

Finalist: Bennelong Funds Management - Kardinia Absolute Return Daily 

Finalist: Nikko Asset Management - Multi Strategy Fund

2017 FundSource Awards – Global Property Sector

Winner: Fisher funds - Property & Infrastructure Fund

Finalist: Premium China Funds Management - Premium Asia Property Fund

2017 FundSource Awards– New Zealand Property sector

Winner: BT Funds Management -  Westpac Premium Investment Property Fund

Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Property Securities Fund

Finalist: Forsyth Barr Investment Management - Listed Property Fund


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