2016 FundSource Awards

27 October 2016

2016 FundSource Awards Winners & Finalists

FundSource congratulates the winners of the FundSource Awards 2016 who were announced at an event in Auckland last night, hosted by NZME Editorial Director Business, Fran O’Sullivan.

FundSource, wholly-owned by NZX, is a New Zealand managed funds research house that has supplied independent research and data to financial advisers and fund managers since 1987. FundSource’s quantitative data and qualitative research is used in the judging of the awards.

Head of FundSource Glen van Echten commented: “The fund management industry has grown strongly in recent years, with the introduction of KiwiSaver, coupled with the broader growth of New Zealand’s capital markets.”

“This was recognised in year’s awards, which drew a strong turnout of fund managers, who have not only delivered a solid performance over the past 12 months, but have demonstrated a history of industry best practice.”

FundSource presented 13 awards. This was made up of 10 sector awards, which included the following new categories – Diversified Sector Fund Manager of the Year, Alternatives Sector Fund Manager of the Year, and Longevity Fund of the Year – and three overall award winners.

The 2016 award winners & finalists are:

2016 Fund Manager of the Year

Winner: Fisher Funds

Finalist: Milford Asset Management

Finalist: AMP Capital

2016 KiwiSaver Manager of the Year

Winner: Milford Asset Management

Finalist: Fisher Funds TWO KiwiSaver Scheme

Finalist: ASB

2016 Boutique Manager of the Year

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management

Finalist: Mint Asset Management

Finalist: Pie Funds

FundSource Awards 2016 – Diversified Sector

Winner: ASB Investment Funds

Finalist: ANZ Investment Funds

Finalist: BT Active Funds


FundSource Awards 2016 – New Zealand Equity Sector

Winner: QuayStreet Asset Management - QuayStreet New Zealand Equity Fund

Finalist: Nikko Asset Management - Nikko AM Core Equity 

Finalist: AMP Services Limited - AMPCI NZ Shares

FundSource Awards 2016 – Australasian Equity Sector

Winner: Pie Funds - Pie Australasian Emerging Companies

Finalist: Harbour Asset Management - Harbour Australasian Equity Retail 

Finalist: Mint Asset Management - Mint Australia New Zealand Active Equity Trust

FundSource Awards 2016 – Australia Equity Sector

Winner: Fisher Funds - Fisher Funds Australian Growth Fund

Finalist: SmartShares - Australian Mid Cap

Finalist: QuayStreet Asset Management - QuayStreet Australian Equity Fund

FundSource Awards 2016 – International Equity Sector

Winner: ASB - ASB Investment Funds World Shares Fund

Finalist: AMP Capital - AMP Capital Core Global Shares

FundSource Awards 2016 –Property Sector

        Winner: AMP Capital - AMP Capiital NZ Property sector

Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds - Property Securities Fund

Finalist: Mint Asset Management - Mint Australia New Zealand Real Estate Investment Trust

FundSource Awards 2016 – New Zealand Fixed Interest Sector

    Winner: Nikko Asset Management - Nikko AM Income

    Finalist: Fisher Funds - Fisher Funds New Zealand Fixed Income Fund

    Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer Single-Asset-Class Funds - New Zealand Fixed Interest Fund 

FundSource Awards 2016 – International Fixed Interest Sector

       Winner: Fisher Funds - Fisher Funds BondPlus Fund 

       Finalist: Funds Administration NZ - Funds Administration of NZ Lifestages World Bond Portfolio 

FundSource Awards 2016 – Alternatives Sector

       Winner: Salt Funds Management - Salt Long/Short Fund 

       Finalist: AMP Capital - AMP Capital Global Multi Asset

       Finalist: Nikko Asset Management - Nikko AM Multi Strategy

FundSource Awards 2016 – Longevity Award

       Winner: Milford Asset Management - Milford Diversified Income

       Finalist: Milford Asset Management - Milford Active Growth

       Finalist: ANZ Investments - OneAnswer KiwiSaver Scheme - Australasian Property Fund

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