About the 2013 Award Winners

FundSource Fund Manager of the Year Award Winner

ANZ New Zealand Investments

ANZ New Zealand Investments has been awarded the 2013 FundSource Fund Manager of the Year Award.

ANZ Investments is part of the global ANZ Group, and the investment manager for the OneAnswer Investment Funds, SIL Mutual and Employer Scheme, MFL Mutual and ANZ Investment Funds. The team manages more than $17 billion on behalf of New Zealand investors across multiple asset classes on behalf of employer, charity and community groups as well as retail investors.

ANZ Investments have demonstrated a consistent, disciplined and conservative approach to investment management. ANZ Investments have strong people, process and portfolio characteristics, combined with consistent fund performances. ANZ Investments have accumulated high levels of team and industry experience over the years.

FundSource KiwiSaver Manager of the Year

ANZ New Zealand Investments

ANZ New Zealand Investments has been awarded the 2013 FundSource KiwiSaver Manager of the Year Award for the OneAnswer KiwiSaver Scheme.

ANZ Investments is part of the global ANZ Group, and the investment manager for the OneAnswer (previously SIL), OnePath and ANZ KiwiSaver Schemes. The OneAnswer KiwiSaver Scheme has 13 Funds in total, being five multi-asset-class Funds and eight single-asset-class Funds providing a Lifetimes option.

ANZ Investments has over $4 billion funds under management for KiwiSaver members. The team of nine investment professionals lead by Graham Ansell, focuses on combining uncorrelated alphas with each asset class targeting specific return / risk characteristics.


Fund Manager of the Year Sector Award Winners

Australasian Equity

Milford Trans-Tasman Fund - Milford Asset Management

Marc Whittaker and Mark Warminger are joint portfolio managers for the Milford Trans- Tasman fund, members of the team based in Auckland involved in constructing the Milford investment portfolios. The Milford Investment Committee is chaired by Brian Gaynor and the team are active portfolio managers who do not follow a "buy and hold" approach.

The Milford Trans-Tasman fund aims to outperform a 50/50 mix of the NZX50 Gross Index and ASX200 Total Return Index (in NZ Dollars). The Fund may hold up to 20% in Cash. A fundamental research-driven investment approach places a strong emphasis on industry and company analysis, company visits and particular importance is placed on the quality of directors and management of the company to ensure adherence to corporate governance practices acceptable to Milford. Currency hedging and derivatives may be used for risk management purposes.

New Zealand Equity

Fisher Funds NZ Growth - Fund Fisher Funds

The Fisher Funds NZ Growth Fund aims to achieve long term capital growth, investing primarily in mid to small cap stocks, but may include unlisted New Zealand companies and bank deposits. The fund's performance can deviate substantially from that recorded by the NZX50 Gross Index.

The team uses a stock picker approach, emphasising qualitative factors, but will not invest in companies whose business activities are not clear, lack focus, and are not market leaders in their fields of expertise. A STEEPP process is used, which looks at the Strength, Track record, Earnings history, Earnings outlook, People and Pricing of a business. Stocks weightings are based on manager conviction rather than an index, with the highest conviction stocks usually at 10 - 20% of the portfolio. A buy-hold philosophy is used, reflected in relatively low portfolio turnover. The fund policy is to always remain fully invested, with around 5% cash retained for liquidity purposes. There are typically 15 - 20 stocks held in the portfolio.

International Equity

OneAnswer SAC International Share Fund - ANZ Investments

The OneAnswer Single Asset Class - International Share Fund aims to generate capital growth and competitive returns that are ahead of inflation over the medium to long term, using a selection of international managers to provide exposure to international markets and as such feeds into the manager's pooled international wholesale fund, managed by MFS Institutional Advisors, Franklin Equity Group, and LSV Asset Management.

MFS Investment Management has a bottom-up fundamental research approach to provide the best means of consistently identifying good investment opportunities in stocks that provide above-average, sustainable earnings growth and trade at a discount to their expected growth across all sectors and across all regions with analysts and portfolio managers exchanging research, trends and ideas on industry sectors via weekly video conferencing.

Franklin Global Equity is growth centred on a long-held belief in paying an attractive price for high quality companies that are growing faster than their peers. Their search for companies with sustainable business models across all industry groups focuses on return on equity, free cash flow, and the creation of shareholder value.

LSV Investment Management invests in under-valued companies that it believes will achieve out-performance over the long run with a quantitative approach developed on the basis of over 22 years of academic research into investor behaviour and contrarian investment strategies. The model has a broad range of fundamental value measures and indicators of near-term appreciation potential (momentum).

NZ Fixed Interest

Tyndall Corporate Bond Fund - Tyndall Investment Management

The Tyndall Corporate Bond Fund is managed by Tyndall Investment Management's fixed interest team, based in Auckland and a wholly owned subsidiary of Nikko Asset Management, a Japanese asset management group.

The fund is constructed to achieve a weighted average credit rating of A (S&P rating) on capital invested for investors with a low to moderate risk profile and a three to five- year investment timeframe. The fund provides investors regular quarterly income whilst preserving the capital value.

The fund's investment objective is to outperform the return of the NZ Government Stock Index by 1.5% per annum before fees, measured over a rolling three year period.

NZ Property

OneAnswer SAC Property Securities - ANZ Investments

The OneAnswer Single Asset Class - Property Securities Fund aims to provide excess returns over the NZX Property Gross Index (including imputation credits) over each three year period and a return above the average return of comparable investment portfolios. The fund invests primarily in New Zealand and Australian listed property and / or property companies intended to be listed. The Fund does not distribute income.

The process is very much "bottom-up" driven, with primary focus on high quality income generating assets with strong management spread across a diversified range of property securities in order to capitalise on the strength of different markets at different times. The manager's approach to listed real estate is consistent with their wider equities approach, taking positions driven by secular themes, exploiting economic and market cycles and investing in mispriced sustainable growth opportunities.


  • There were no nominees in the NZ Cash, Mortgage or International Fixed Interest sectors, satisfying the Awards criteria.
  • Smartshares and smartkiwi was not considered for the Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2013.