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Australian Equities Mixed in September

FundSource’s monthly performance tables for September 2014 have been released. Average portfolio investment entity (PIE) performances for the month were more mixed than they had been in recent months but were still mostly positive over longer timeframes. After a strong few months, many funds with allocation to Australian equities experienced negative returns over the month along with international property and fixed interest.

Among the diversified PIEs, the growth category again experienced the strongest returns followed by balanced and conservative respectively. Average performances in the month to 30 September ...

The Week That Was

With the Ebola scare encircling the world and uncertainty in the economic performance for some regions it was little wonder that markets had a volatile week but by Friday US time markets lifted strongly. The diagnosis of the second US health worker, based in Texas, has escalated the virus to front page news almost every day. It also raises worrying questions about if the virus is changing in enough of a way to become more easily transmitted. Discussions between Russia, Ukraine, and EU states in an effort to solve the Ukrainian issues failed. What was apparent was a chasm of thought remains and further sanctions against Russia remain likely in spite of the current ones already starting to bite hard.

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